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Born in Frankfurt in March 1966, I spent my childhood in a suburb of Hannover before I moved to a place close to Nuremberg where I still live now. At the beginning of my artistic career, my focus of interest laid on the performing arts like oil painting and watercolour,
where I became acquainted with colouring and composition.Professionally I realise my creativity in the planning of gardens. In 2014, I discovered my passion for photography during a journey in Iceland - fascinated by the landscape, the various weather conditions and the infinite facets of light. The medium photography and
subsequent image processing in particular allowed me to capture this atmosphere and reflect it in my pictures. I am for the most part an autodidact, continually working on my photographic art by attending

Anke Butawitsch

Greifensteine 1

90587 Obermichelbach


0049 172/83 262 91

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